Time management: why should I care?

There are times in life when one feels that everybody around is trying to tell you something. There are courses spreading like mushrooms on any of the areas you struggle the most: fitness courses, self-development etc. Although it might be a hunch for myself I find it quite repulsive and interesting at the same time: one of those things that scare you but for some reasons you feel attracted to – typical of any horror movie where instead of running away the unlucky of the minute goes towards their last seconds of life, trying to find out what that weird chainsaw and screams noise was about.
Without getting further into the discussion I’ll get to the subject of this post: why should I care about Time Management?

If you never ever tried to find out more about TM I’m sure you’re cheating or you’re just impressively lucky! Time management is (simply put) a collection of advice, rules, Continue reading