Background sound loops

This could be something you could add to your next presentation or whatever you prefer (your own voicemail?).

Adding some music to powerpoint presentations where one has to record their own voice might make quite a difference. I personally dislike silences and, instead of humming of coughing, I think a good soundtrack could help keeping the rhythm going and make it sound like it’s a little bit more “professional” than it actually is.

Here are some websites for loops:

And here the instructions on how to put a sound/file into a powerpoint presentation and to set things up so that i plays in loops:

Powerpoint presentation: how to make a self running Power-Point presentation

Few times I have received a file where a whole Powerpoint presentation was started almost automatically without following the usual route (open the file, press F5 – or click on start presentation).

Looking further I’ve found that this Ms Office feature extends even further and gives plenty of opportunities, included the possibility to add voice-over, set the time automatically etc.

Would be worth giving it a try or keep it in mind for the future!

If you want to see how this works, have a look at my recent presentation for the British Society of Criminology : “BSC 2012 Presentation

If you find yourself using it, please do comment and let’s share some thoughts!